We use British Ex-Military of Defense (Ex-MOD) Landrovers. These trucks were well and regularly maintained during their service, and have been lovingly serviced and cared for since being brought to the States by Orange Offroad LLC.

These rugged expedition capable vehicles were originally troop carriers, able to transport up to eight fully kitted out British or Commonwealth troops.

HEXy, the camo green Rover, is a series 3 109 Landrover and maintains its original drivetrain, of a 2.25 liter petrol engine, four speed manual transmission and the classic and quintessential Land Rover yellow and red knobbed four wheel drive and low range levers.

Sunkissed, the orange 110 Landrover Defender has its original drivetrain as well, but is a normally aspirated 2.5 liter diesel engine. The more modern Defender platform uses a full time four wheel drive system and has the ability to lock the front and rear differential together for even better off road capability.

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