Join us for a unique experience learning to drive one of our Vintage Land Rovers off road or bring your off-road vehicle!

We really do drive Land Rovers almost every day, and have been for 15 years combined with over 30 years driving vehicles off road, we look forward to sharing the fun and adventure of driving off road!

Our private trails have several different features and challenges that provide an excellent foundation to your off road driving learning!
All courses can have an additional participant added.
They also can be booked as a group of up to five with a lower per person cost.

Level 1 course: We cover the fundamentals of four wheel drive, vehicle controls, recovery equipment and driving methods and techniques. 3 hours. This is a great course for those newer to off-roading and looking to learn in a supportive environment.

Level 2 course: We build upon a solid core knowledge of offroad driving skills by adding more challenging terrain as we also introduce recovery techniques using winches, dynamic snatch straps and recovery boards.

Recovery course: We introduce the concepts and equipment used in recovery of vehicles in off road situations and then apply and utilize them in multiple hands on scenarios. We will cover multiple anchor systems, anchor choices, winch line re-directs, micro vs macro environment/situational awareness, recovery boards, dynamic snatch strap use and more.

more details on the courses can be found on the booking page link below.

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